Thursday, March 4, 2010

Still in Casper

Richard has had surgery on his foot so he has been laid up for a while.  I just had to publish Christopher's last email.  I thought it was hilarious because I have quite a reputation as a knitter.  Just ask Julie.

Hi, how are things going? I like hearing from you dad.  If you want something to do that you can do while sitting down, you should try learning to knit.  I just learned and it is really fun.  A guy in the ward taught me and I am making a hat and a scarf and tons of people have given me yarn.  It is really fun. Well I got to go.  Take care,  Love Elder Esplin
ps I might send you a letter.

I can just see Richard sitting around knitting!!  That was so funny I had to share it.  Here was Richard's reply.

I think that I would have a hard time knitting.  I have a hard time paying that much attention and  keeping track. I wish I could go x country skiing.

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  1. I can see Richard knitting... Not. :) It is a good suggestion, though. Thanks for sharing.