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Christopher is being transfered back to Wyoming.  He loved it when he was in Casper but now he is going to Sheridan WY.  He left Brandon, South Dakota on Wednesday, I think and should be in Wyoming by now.  He seems excited about it.  I know he loves whatever part of his mission he is in but I think he likes Wyoming best because it is close to home.  
His new address:

Elder Christopher Esplin
247 W. Brandage St.  
Sheridan WY 82801 

I was taking Richard to the foot doctor on Monday but all my boys were home so they spent some time chatting with him online on Kaber's account so I don't have very much email from him but he is funny.   I will post the older emails I have first so it will kind of be in order.  

May 31

Well, how is everyone?  I am doing good.  I sent a box full of books home for you guys.  They have a ton of garage sales here and I spent under 2$ on about 80$ worth of books.  It was great.  I read the backs of the books and the cover of the hard bound one but I didnt read any of the books themselves, so maybe mom will have to read them first to see if they are ok.  I think the paper backs will be ok but the big hardcover Once an Eagle is fiction so I am kinda worried about it.
Mom, I have some good news for you.  I am coming home on the 8th instead of the 15th because Pres.  Layton had to rearrange his schedule so I will be able to be there for dad's birthday.
About Tara and the pictures - she sent me pictures in her letter so if you send me pictures and letters I will send you some.  I did last week so you owe me.  Are the pictures of the pants better than the ones I sent earlier.
Well I will send this so you can reply.
love elder esplin

May 31 to Richard -  Richard had to tell him we did not draw out for the deer hunt this year.  He was not at all happy to hear that.
What do you mean we didnt draw out!!  I think I drew out and I am going to go hunting this year.  I need to kill something.   I think I might buy a cow and turn it loose on the ranch and hunt it with my muzzle loader.  I think when I get home I will go shooting.  I want to shoot every gun in our house except maybe the 38S&W but the rest I plan on shooting.  Well I will get home on the 8th of September.  I just found that out on Friday and it is good because I will be home for your birthday.  Well, I got to go.  Love Elder Esplin

June 6th  
Richard just told him we have two bee hives and they seem to be doing good.  

What bees??  I didnt know we had bees.  It is good that they are doing good.  I am also doing good.  I like it here in Brandon.  Mom, you should have seen the books by now.  I sent them through the mail.  It is a different box than the one I sent Kab.   Hey mom, did you send the pants pictures to the missionary mall?

Well I had a good week.  We had a strange experience though.  We were trying to talk to less actives and and we went to one door and the lady seemed nice enough.  Then, all the sudden, she exploded and got all mad at me and Elder Davis because some of the members didnt keep their promises.  And she hadnt seen anyone for more than five months and then we showed up.  So we let her run herself out of steam and asked if there was anything we could do for her.  We ended up taking the garbage out for her.  It was kinda awkward.  But other than that we had a good week.  I hope you did also.   love elder esplin

June 13th 

Hi mom.  I had a good week.  We did service Saturday.  We helped paint a house.  It was fun.  As far a missonary work goes, this week made me kind of mad.  Our district leader has only been out for 6 months, but he is a good kid, but I dislike my zone leaders - one of them anyway.  I dont know the other.  So, that said.

A guy named John just walked into church 5 weeks ago and we finally got an appointment to teach him last week.  He has come to church for the last five weeks, so I was very excited.  But we found out, when we got his address, that he doesn't live in our area.  So we told our district leader and he said that we could teach him, but we had to let him know that there  is a church closer to where he lives.  We were planning on doing exchanges with our district leader after the lesson.  So we made a lesson plan and were extra special obedient so we could have the spirit.  Then we got a call from the zone leader and he said that the district leader had to go to teach John and Elder Davis was the one that was going to stay in Brandon area on this exchange.  So he went to teach him and I didnt get to go.  It made me mad.  But during the lesson John said that he wants to keep going to Brandon Branch, so it was all ok after that.  I just get so frustrated at these 20 year old kids that get made district or zone leader and think that they have to 'show ' there authority or "flex there zl muscles" and they have no real authority.  I think they should just step in when a problem arises.  Some of them think they need to be involved in every little thing.  It is like they dont trust us at all.  It just makes me angry, but i dont really have to deal with them that much.  So, no worries.  So if you could pray for me to have more patience and for John to keep taking the lessons it would be great.  I will send this in hopes of a reply.  Love elder esplin

June 20
That is great that Jacob and Zach got ordained.  I found something I want.  It is the Screwtape Letters on audio book by Ralph Coshman.  I also want the ones that have Screwtape makes a Toast.  I think they are really good.   I lost my cd. The Profile of a Prophet and I would like that one.  Also another great one is ''Of Lions. Dragons and Turkish Delight.''  It is a great talk.  That is all the stuff I want as a missionary.   Have a good day and week love elder esplin.

I am doing good.  I am getting transfered to Sheridan Wyoming it is up by Montana.  

The next day I got this email.  

Mom, I have to email you today because I need some new G's.  I was helping someone paint and there was some paint on the ladder and I leaned on it.  I need some new ones.  I just need the tops because I dont have enough to go a whole week without washing them so could you please get me some by the end of the week.  My address in Sheridan is
237 w Brandage
Sheridan WY 82801 
If you could get me some I would be eternally grateful.   
PS. tell Tara she should write faster.  

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