Friday, August 5, 2011

Less Than Six Weeks Left

I cant believe Christopher comes home so soon.  He will fly into the St. George Airport on September 8th at 4:28 pm.  I am so excited.  We received the official travel papers from the mission office.
Here is his latest email:

Mom, thanks for the email.  It was great.  I am starting the last transfer of my mission.  It is crazy!  I just filled out the last planner of my mission, (putting the date and regular scheduled meetings and stuff), so I am kind of freaking out.  But it is OK.  I get to "die" in Sheridan and it is nice.  There are mountains and some of my favorite missionaries.    I am getting along so much better with my companion.  I learned something that really helped.  It is:   "silence isn't golden - tact is."  So I just have to "want" to get along and we get along.  I can either be happy or be right and I choose happy.  So things are going great.  We have two people on date now and we are just cooking along.  Well I will send this in hopes that you will send back.  Got to go.  Love Elder Esplin

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  1. I LOVE that quote!!! And how great is that to choose to be happy!