Sunday, November 8, 2009

Christopher is Transfered

I just got some emails from Christopher. He is being transfered to Casper Wyoming. He is very excited about it. He gets to get back to the mountains. Here is his emails. Of course I edited them so that people not trained in deciphering gibberish (like all third grade teachers) can read them.

Hey, I am not going to buy that watch. Don't worry about it.  Richard told him not to spend $100 on a watch.
I am being transfered to Casper, Wyoming.  It is going to be great.   I feel really good about going.  I know this is where the Lord wants me.
My address is going to be:
804 south david street
Casper Wy 82601
I am so excited.  My new companion is going to be Elder Morell.  He is going home next transfer so I get to kill him.  Prez. Layton said that I will probably stay there for about six months.
It was funny, We had an interview and he asked how I liked Fargo and I said I really liked it and the only drawback is there is no mountains and he laughed and said that it is funny that I should miss the mountains because Casper is built at the foot of the highest mountain in the mission.
He sent another email.
I might email Monday. Also, I got your letter today  and I am just as happy as can be to be going back to mountains.

Tell Cluff that I am sorry about swine flu.
 (His friend got swine flu and could not go into the MTC on his assigned day but he did go in two days later.)  and tell Kelin that I haven't gottten his letter yet and that he might want to send me one in Casper.
I really liked the pictures, especially of Halloween.   I hope the kids all had fun.  Tomorrow it will be 97 weeks  till  get home and monday will be my 2 month anniversary I will be 1/12 done with my mission.
(Is he trunky or what.) 

He sent one more email.

I got to go.  Love you, and I will email you Monday either this week or next.  I don't need much.  I just want letters. Tell grandma and everyone hi.  Love, Elder Christopher Esplin.     P)
(its a pirate)

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