Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christopher's Emails From Casper WY

Richard and I asked him all about Casper so he is mostly answering questions.
Yes,  I do have mountains.  The drive was only about 12 hours but is wasn't so bad.  My shoes are doing great.  I only have 96 weeks left  It is colder here in Casper because the wind never stops.  It is like Cedar but further north.  

Hi,  this one is for Mom.  How are you?  I love you a lot and all of my family.  It is strange being on a mission.  The people here are a lot different but so much the same.  It is like if all of these people had the church they would be people I have known all my life.  There are a lot of farmers and oil rig workers "roughnecks". I miss the valley and I miss Fargo.  I am sure that when I leave Casper I will miss Casper.  I tend to fall in love with the land and the place then I love the people, but that is just me.  This week has been the longest in my life because it feels like I have been in Casper for a long time because the work is the same the missionaries are the same. It is diffrent but it is the same.  It is still misonary work and they are still missionaries and I am still doing the same thing.

  I love our church.  It is so true and makes so much sense.  Thank you so much for teaching me it when I was young, because it seems the more I know about it the more it makes sense.  I got to go now.  Love,
Elder Christopher Esplin 

Well he sounds like he is doing good.  I think he will be happy in Casper.  I hope so.  

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