Friday, December 11, 2009

Christopher's Emails from November 23, 2009

Guess what?  I met someone I am almost related to.  Aunt Jeanett's uncle is this guy's brother in law.  He said that he is Mel Cox's youngest brother when I talked to him on the phone.  Tell Aunt Jeanett thanks for the pictures and letter and ask Uncle Tim when he got the Mauser, the gun.  I fixed my bike and rode it a lot, then it broke again. But it will be an easy fix.  But I won't do it till spring.  It snowed here a little.  About an inch. But it is ok.  I am wearing my boots anyway because they feel so good.  Can you please send me some pictures of the ranch clearcreek and maybe a map of Kane county because I tell stories and it is hard to tell them to people that don't have the geographical knowledge of Kane county.

My comp is going home in about three weeks and he makes me trunky just being around him.  He is kinda arrogant but it is ok  because he is a good missionary. He is going to be an orthopedic surgeon and he is going to Weber State.  He has his whole life planned out and he is always talking about home and stuff and buying an ipod.  I am wondering if you can get me a small used ipod and I will just give my Zen to Logan.  Then you can send me music easier, I think that would be a good Christmas present but it is no big deal really. If you would send me a cd I would be way happy.  I want you to get on Kaber about the cd and letters.  I am so happy when you send me letters.  It just makes everything better.  My feet and back hurt but when I get a letter it makes everything better.  Well, I am going to end this email.  Love Elder Esplin

hi thanks
dad you need to bee more careful and not do crazy stuff.  You need to have all your fingers when I get home
 That is crazy about KIelin and Bryce.  Where is San Salvadore, anyway.

I did get the box and it is great.   My comp is way jealous.  You should have gotten my letter Saturday but if you didn't it is ok.  I am writing in my journal and I am writing one of thoes long journal letters.  I will send it over Thanksgiving.  I will try to send you another one before that.  I might send you just a regular letter today, but who knows.

Christopher's Emails from November 30, 2009

Did you send some cheese and stuff like you said you would?  What beef cow are you gona kill.  My comp is very jealous of me(geting jerky and stuff0 but he is going to be home for Christmas so i am jealous of him.  All he talks about is home and he makes me homesick but i can put up with it till the 14th

I want you to send me my big knife that I just got.  The one I won.  It is in a cedar box in mom's closet.  The key is on dad's key ring for the gun cabinet.  I really want that knife not because I want to carry it around.  I just want it.

Well I got to go love Elder Esplin

my bike got broke again.  I am not going to fix it till spring because I dont want to ride in the snow and it will snow soon.  Everyone says so

thats to bad about  Patches the dog.  He got ran over and his back leg or hip bone is broken.  He will live though. I hope he does better.   Tell grandma Hi.  I don't know if I can email her today.  The email sucks.  I am not going to buy a gun.  I just am going to look at them.  I got a black Levi jacket exactly like Kaber's.  It is a Rockwear. It was ten bucks so I got it  because I don't have a work jacket.

We had 2 Thanksgiving dinners because we can't say no.  We played football with almost all the mormons in Casper.  The zonelords are out of town so there is no car in Casper so we are just going to walk around pawn shops and  look at guns and stuff.  Well, email me soon.  I only have about eleven minutes.  Love Elder Esplin

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