Monday, December 21, 2009

Christopher Dec 14.

I made a list today of things that I want to email about.

Tell Kaitlyn happy birthday and that I love her and I am sending her a post card from Wyoming it has cowboys on it.

I was looking at stuff yesterday and I only got 4 white shirts from missionary mall and I think we turned in 7 so if you could call them or something.

I was thinking about things you could send me for Christmas and I think some long johns would be great,
and some more G's but no more long bottoms only short bottoms and I want some more short sleeved tops.  I think five of each would be good.  That is about all I can think of that I need.  I would like some more thick socks but I don't really need them.

There is a Glock at a pawn shop that is going out of business and the Glock looks like it has never been fired. It is going for $400 and at Sportsmans the same gun is going for $1200 and I told a guy in our ward that wants to buy the gun to buy it and if he doesn't like it I will buy it from him for  $400.  So if I take $400 out of my account it is for that reason.  I think I will just leave the gun with the guy I live with now, and then come back and get it.  I am definitely coming back to Casper after my mission, so I will leave that there and he would keep it for me.

I wonder if Kaber is still sending me those cd's that would make a good Christmas present.

When do you all get out of school for Christmas?

The Dear Elder letters are fine with me.   I only wish I could get my letters back to you as fast.

I might call Christmas Eve just to tell you I will call Christmas.

Sister Hoffmyer said that she sent you an email we are staying in a basement apartment in the Hoffmyers house, and if you want to tell me something you can email her and she will tell me.

It was Kaitlyn's b day yesterday and I would like to get her a present but I dont know what to get her.

when I get to go home I really think someone should come get me in a truck because I am sending my comp home I got to see all the stuff that there is that needs to go home.  Also I think dad could come and get me that would be best I think especially if I end my mission in Wyoming.

I wrote down to ask about Christmas at home and to send me some pictures of Christmas and I want to tell you that after this Christmas I will only have one Christmas left on my mission.

I would like to ask you about the Dodge.

I had another baptism last week.  It was great.  The guy went from smoking 2 packs of cigarette a day to not smoking at all in 2 weeks.  It was great.

I will end this email with my testimony.
I know my savior lives and he has saved me from myself and I learned this by hearing and reading the scriptures and by praying and having my prayers answered.  In the name of Jesus Christ Amen

love elder esplin

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