Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christopher's Emails Dec 27, 2009

Hi,  I am doing great.  I am super scared of cars now.  I don't trust drivers.  I think I am in a walking area because if I were in a driving area I would be dead.   I was riding with a member and he went the wrong way on a one way street.  This has happened twice.  Another time I was riding with someone and he almost got t-boned by a car.  He didn't even see it but I yelled Hey! and then he saw it and hit the brakes.  I think it would be bad for me to be in a driving area now.

I was home and online at that time so I emailed and asked him if he was still there. 

Yep I thought I would send a short one first so you could reply then we could talk to each other.  Do you have any questions?  Sister Hoffmeyer, gave me yout message.

Then I commented on his near death experiences.

It was kinda scary but it is just a reminder that the Lord is watching over me and it makes me be more thankful for every breath I take.

Then I asked him about some slippers that were too small for him that were sent directly to him.  I did send him the right slippers and they did get there before Christmas. 

I will just send those slippers home and let you deal with them.  I went bowling for the first time last Monday and it was way fun.  I really like bowling.  I think you should go bowling as a family.  It was six dollars here, and it was way fun.  I hope you are all doing well.  I have a hard time with directions here because the mountain is to the south and it is still freakin' me out.  I look at the mountain and say ok that is north but it isn't, it is south and I have to keep reminding myself that.

My comp is pretty cool.  He is from Provo and he was in Shadrin, Nebraska, before.  His dad works at the MTC.

I wrote you a letter about the slippres ad said that i didn't want slippers but Elder Paterson has some and it turns out that I really like them.  Who knew?
well I will call you in 4 days.  I am so excited to talk to you.  It will be great.  I will probably get homesick and cry a little, but it will be the best day.  I cant wait to talk to you.  Well I got to go but
logan (and co.) i think you should go shooting and shoot my gun for me
mom i really like my comp
dad be careful at work and happy Christmas Eve Eve!
well i got to go i will call you probably Christmas morning and during the day and in the evening i want to talk to you all day.

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