Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christopher's Emails Jan. 4, 2010

It was so great to talk to Christopher on Christmas.   He sounds so good and he sounded just like Christopher.  I read his letters and emails and he has grown and changed so much in the gospel.  Then when I talked to him he sounded just like himself.  It was great.  He is not nearly as homesick as he was.   All the kids got up at about 6:30.  Christopher called at about 8:30.  He talked to us until after 11:00.  It was great because everyone got to visit.  Grandma came up and we talked to him again.  He called back again and talked for another hour or two later that after noon.  He went to a dinner appointment and then called back and talked again until about 11:30.He has settled into Casper WY pretty good.   It sounds like he has been very successful and there are many great people there.  I can't wait until Mother's Day now.  Here is his latest emails.  He is a funny kid.  That whole first paragraph is about his high school friends

Hi Mom,
That is so cool that Jeff and Micheal are back I hope neither washed out.  Tell Jeff and them hi from me and please send me their addresses.   It would be way cool to talk to them and well you know I mean write them. it is cool that Bryce got to see Jeff before he left.  It is great that Ryan got his call also.  When does Kelin leave?  I never did get his letter.

Kab you are such a knuckle head getting your truck stuck.  I was thinking about trucks and stuff and I think I want to get an Avalanche.  They seem pretty cool, but I dont know.  What I really want is an Avalanche with a durimax and an allison trany in it, but who knows.  I think I will just buy a motorcycle still.

Dad, I got kinda sick yesterday but I feel alot better now.  I think what I need is a good nights sleep and a little rest.  I really miss the ranch.  It is so different being a missionary than it was being a normal person.  I already think I have changed.  My mission is teaching me alot.  I am seeing how to live, but I am seeing a lot about how not to live.  Also it makes me happy with the way I grew up and it just makes me want to live in the valley all my life all the more.

I just want to know what you want me to do with the slippers that I got that where too small.  I think that you should print out a shipping label and send it to me.  Then I should return it to and you should get your money back.

Also I want to encourage you to send me a letter.  It has now been over two weeks since the last one, but I know you are doing your best.  It just gets busy with all the kids there.  I am going to have been out  4 months by the time I email you again.   Love Elder Esplin


  1. Hey! I love reading those letters from Elder Esplin! We can tell he is growing and changing in just a good way - more able to express himself, and more spiritual than ever! Way to go, Chris! We are all so thankful for your willing service to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and for the great spirit you carry with you. I know that people can't help loving you and listening to you. May the Lord continue to bless you! Gram

  2. I've finally found another Christopher Esplin. I apologize for picking up (currently a placeholder for my wife's blog development) and this gmail address among other things. I've searched for other Christopher Esplins many times, but we're very uncommon. I think there's another one of use in the UK or Australia, but you're the first I've found in the U.S.

    Congratulations on the mission!