Monday, April 19, 2010

My Son the Compasionate One

Christopher cracked me up.  He was not very sympathetic to his companion.  He sounded just like he was talking to his brothers.  His email made me feel sorry for his companion and laugh at Christopher. 

Well, the kids are right.  Kaitlyn is my favorite, but not by much.  I love all my family. 

My comp's eardrum ruptured the other day and he freaked out and i said quit whining.  He was laying on the floor moaning early that day and I told him to quit making so much noise.  Then we went to see the Dr. and and then we came home and his eardrum broke.  He freaked out and I told him to calm down.  Then his ear hurt a lot less.  Then I told him it would heal up in a while. When all the gunk came out,I told him to keep it dry so it wouldnt get infected and he calmed down.   Then we went and saw some people and they freaked out and told him to go see the Dr.  So that is where I was for a while today.  It was a big waste of a pday.  

I think you said something about music.  I did not get a box with music cds in it, but I wish I did.  I am sick of listening to the same old songs. 
Love ya, Elder Esplin
Here is another one that he sent to Richard. 
You asked about what they do for priesthood.  Well, there is a family quite like our own but they have ten kids and all but one are boys.  There is one that fell away and moved out. The second oldest got home
from his mission in December and the mom just had another baby three weeks ago.  So they are pretty well set for priesthood holders for a while.  The dad is the branch president and they only have an elder, a priest, a teacher, and a decon.  They take care of the SACRAMENT AND EVERYTHING. 

Sorry it had on caps lock and I didn't want to re type.  Well, how is everything there.  I have been doing a lot of fellowshiping work with investigators, like planting trees, building decks, and rails and fence and everything.  I like hard work now,  and I wish I could go home and do some. 

Well, what is up with Kelin.  Is any of it from his shoulder injury or is it just "other stuff."  I love to hear from you, but I can only email once a week.  I can get letters monday through friday here.   Well I got to go.
Love, Elder Esplin

There is one more small email. 

They only do round bales here and it is funny.  Because I was telling people about hauling hay with mules and the didnt believe me till I explained that it was small bales not big ones like they have here.  If you could send some pictures of that I would really appreciate it.  Well, I got to go.  Love ya dad.  elder esplin

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