Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Rez in South Dakota

Christopher is on the working on the reservations in South Dakota.  He is on part of the Sioux Nation the Rosebud Indidan Reservation.  They are called the "Land of the Burnt Thigh"  They have their own website. 
Rosebud Sioux Tribe

Here is his email from this week.  He seems to be doing really good.  He sent a. bunch of pictures but I only uploaded these few.

Last week I was in Pierre and couldnt email.   We went up there to have

a district meeting and shop because it is the closest walmart.  We
have a Dodge Caliber.  It is a small car and it is a '07.  We need to put
9000 more miles an it then it will be retired, which won't be to long.  We
drive over 2500 miles a month here and today I called President
Layton and got it so that I can drive.  After not driving for seven
months, it feels good to drive again.  I hit my seven month mark three
days ago and sent you a letter.  It was a big one.  Well I will send this
with some pictures.  Love Elder Esplin

Well, the pictures are loading so I have more time to talk. As I said, I
am the driver now so I need some good listening to music so that I can
cruise to it.  I think mom asked me if i enjoyed the music if she sent me. 
I never got any music.  I have a list of some music she needs to send.
She needs to send a dear elder to me and let me know what happened. 
From now on I will try to email between three and four oclock your time.
That should be good.  Well, I am out of stuff to say.  I will send out some
post cards.  I need all my aunts and uncles addresses and if you had
the addresses for all the other missonaries from Orderville and
Glendale.  I would like to send them some letters.

That was his letter to his dad.  I don't know what happened to the box I sent him. 
This is what he sent in response to my email. 

Hi, How are you all.  I am doing great.  Mom, what do you mean in your email you sent 8 days ago.  You asked if i like my music.  I havent gotten any.  I did get my Easter box and some letters.  I got the one dad sent and stuff.   

What the heck is going on down there?  Easter in St. G.   Who is runing the program?  I can gaurndang t (gaurantee)  that  wont happen to me.  When I get home, even though I might be living in St. G, I will still come up to Orderville and we will roll Easter eggs down a sand dune.  That is one of my favorite traditions, and I want my kids to enjoy it just like I did.  

Well, that is my rant.  Everything is going good here we got some baptisms on the res.  Two girls 11 and 16 got baptised,  but only the 11 year old got confirmed.  The 16 year old had a ton of family over so we are going to Rosebud again next week.  Well I will send this off and then send another.  Love Elder Esplin

I dont really know what pictures these are but I will send more.

There should be one of my comp, Elder Crawford,  and a baptism pic, which reminds me
Could you send me a pair of white pants and some jeans.  I am thinking of buying some boots. The ones I brought are falling apart.  I want me some cowboy boots so that I can take them off when I get to people's
houses.  My old pants have a big hole in the crotch and the others have a big hole in the seat and I am using my slacks a work pants.  That reminds me,  could you send somemore of those "dockers" in a dark color. 

They are my favorite.  Well, I got to go.  Love Elder Esplin

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