Monday, April 5, 2010

Transfered to Gregory South Dakota

Christopher got transferred to Gregory South Dakota on March 15.  When he first got transferred he thought he would be in Winner because that is where the chapel is.  It is the Winner branch.  He said in his letter said that his area covers all the little towns in that area Rosebud, Winner, Gregory, and Valentine, Nebraska.  He said the nearest other missionaries are 100 miles away.  His companion is from Nevada and Christopher seems to get along with him.  Chris said that "we are total opposites and we are just alike."  He is very athletic and competitive but they both like hunting and guns and bows. 
Here us his current address. 
Elder Christopher Esplin
c/o Trish Eliason
618 Main Street
Gregory SD 57533
He has been there for two weeks now.  Here are his last two emails. 
Hi, how are you doing?  I am getting transferred today.  I am going to Winner South Dakota.  It is a small town and the missionaries there cover three branches.  It is one of the largest areas in the mission.  I will get there tomorrow.  I will leave Casper at 12 and go to Rapid and overnight there and go on to Winner in the morning.  It is funny because I am going from one of the smallest areas to one of the biggest.  But I will miss Casper.  I definitely will have to visit Casper when I get home from my mission.  I think that if mom and dad would move to Wyoming then I would live here, but I want to live by them so they can tend my kids.  I think I will have a lot and I want someone else to tend them, and Orderville has a better climate for riding a bike.  Anyway, one of the things that I miss the most is doing outside stuff.  In church they always talk about camping and hunting and fishing and stuff.  I think I want to learn how to fly fish, but I may never get the chance.  I will miss the people that I met in Casper.  I think I will miss the Hoffmeyers and the Phillips and the Nadings the most.  I was talking with Bro Hoffmeyer and he said that sending missionaries to the Rockies and the Great Plains and not letting them shoot guns, is cruel and unusual punishment.   We lived with the Hoffmeyers and Amanda Philips was one of my first baptisms, and the Nadings taught me how to knit.  It is amazing what you learn on your mission.  I can ride my bike if I want but I don't think I will very much.   I just got my driving record thing sent to Salt Lake today so by the time I know my way around Winner I should be able to drive.  I don't have the address but I will send it to you when I get there.  Just send everything to the mission office and make sure that my boots from Missionary Mall don't get sent to my Casper address.  I want to have them in Winner.   I sent a box to you this morning and it had a bunch of stuff in it.  Tell Logan he can wear the jacket if it fits him and Kaber can wear the belt buckle if he sends me a music cd with music on it.  Well, I got to go.  Love, Elder Esplin

Hi,  how are you?  I went to Pierre on Monday and the library is closed on Tuesdays, so I am emailing today. I sent you some letters with my address and stuff.  I got the box you sent me the one with my vest in it.  I am kinda worried about not being able to use it much.  I used the shaver you sent me.  I really like it.  It doesn't tear up my neck.  

Something cool, my first day here I met my cousin.  Her dad's mom was Ceicle Mann's sister,   Grandma's Mom's sister,  her grandad was named Gordon Boss and her dad's name is Tony Boss her name is Trish Eliason.  I am her second cousin once removed her dad and Grandma are cousins.  Cool huh!

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  1. I enjoy reading about Chris and think it's great that you do this. I'm on here also looking for his address, because we have something to send, but I can't find it. I'll probably call Richard tomorrow.

    We love you guys. Christopher sounds great. He is so dang cute!

    Love, Heidi