Monday, September 6, 2010

Reaction to Brian Harris

It was kind of hard writing to Christopher and telling him about Brian Harris.  Christopher really liked him and spent some time with him often before he left.  Brian Harris was the best police officer in all of Kane Co.  This was his reaction to the news.  

I am sad but all this does is make me wish I was a cop all the more.  I know that the Harrises will see him again and I know that it will be hard at first.  It will be hard till the very end, but we need to remind them that they ...we will all see Brian again and that the more they know this the better they will feel.  The only thing that will make it hurt less is time.  If they keep putting one foot ahead of the other and cling to the iron rod they will eventually get to the tree of life where Brian is at.  Even now he is with those he loved visiting his wife and kids.  They just cant see him.  His soul is at peace there.  He is at rest from temptation and the wicked of the world.  It is like that song,  "I'm the sunshine in your hair.  I'm the shadow on the ground.  I'm the whisper in the wind.   I'm your imaginary friend.   And I know I'm in your prayers  And I'll be there 'till the end."

  I got to go love Elder Esplin

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