Monday, September 20, 2010

New Companion

That sounded like fun.  I told him about our all nighter rescuing Kaber and dealing with a sick Kaitlyn. We drove to Williston yesterday and before we left I forgot to check if we had gas and about halfway there the out of gas light came on.  But we made it and I was surprised.   But it all worked out.  I have a new companion and he is way fun.  He is funny and a good teacher and he speaks fluent Spanish. (He went to elementary school in Guatemala.  His grandparents own a school there.) That is pretty cool.   His name is Elder Datillo.  His name is Italian.  I was wondering if I have any Italian blood in me. Also did mom tell aunt Jannet (her side) about me meeting Greg Kemp.  She should.  Well I will send this and get working on another. 

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