Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's About Time I Get Caught Up!

October 12

I asked what he wanted with his cold weather stuff he sent home and told him about his crazy brothers.  

I dont know when it will turn cold.  It seemed like it already had a few weeks ago but then it got warmer.  But I think it will get really cold soon.  I dont really want the electric blanket back.  The furnace in our place works really good and I am usually a lot warmer than my companion.  I think i only have six weeks left here in Newtown.  I dont want the thermal g's either.  They dont fit too good.  But you could send the under armor.  I would like that.  And my boots if you cant get the new ones.  The zipper on his boots broke.  Just the pull tab - Missionary Mall would not replace them like they promised.  Not going there again.  I guess I can live with the old ones.  

Who is building Shauna a house?  

That gun sounded fun and scary.  Kaber's new muzzle loader pistol that always misfires.  But I have a few questions and suggestions.  Did he load the balls with a patch or just bore butter? And if he shot faster the heat wouldn't spread through the cylinder to the other barrels and mess with them.   Hot metal does funny things to bullets.  

As to my brothers being carzy.  What did you expect and would you change their behavior? Yes I would really love to change their behaviour.  I just don't see that ever happening. 

October 4

You said that you feel it with an urgency that Jacob get his patriarchal blessing and that is probably the holy ghost.  Also I really liked general conference.  It was great!  I loved when Uchtdorf talked about trees and said but what has this got to do with flying an air plane.   They are all so funny.  Another one of my favourites was when that guy talked about the trees and them ripping the posts out of the ground.  But my very favorite was from priesthood session when the British guy Kearns, I think. He talked about how when he was little he was down on the Arabian Peninsula camping and his parents told him to put on shoes and he wore flip flops and said they are shoes and he got stung by a scorpion and he talked about that.  But it seemed to me, just what i got out of it, was that if we dont teach people the real doctrine and just baptize them we are sending them in without shoes and
they can get stung.  Well that is what I think of that.

Have a good week.  Love Elder Esplin

September 27

Yes, general conference should be a great one.  There is something that I have noticed and that is they dont talk about food storage any more.  I guess we either dont need to do it, or it is to late, or they figure the ones that are going to do it are doing it and the ones that aren't, aren't.  Anyway they dont need to keep telling us.  So for general conference please listen to see if they talk about food storage.  Becaus it is weird to think that they would just drop it.  

About my comp,  he is about 5'8" and weighs around 300lbs.  He is very funny and he likes to cook, like me.  He has a smallish family - 5 kids.  But some of them are half brothers he has lived in Guatemala and Texas and Alaska.  He is pretty cool.  

So now I am all caught up.  I will try not to get behind again but you never know.  

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