Monday, November 22, 2010

The Rest of October

I am finally getting Christopher's emails posted.  The funniest ones were when his brothers were telling him about deer hunting.  They are so funny.  
October 18 
Well, this has been a good week.  I sent a letter Saturday you should get it today or tomorrow.  I don't really remember what I said, but I had a good week and had 65 in church.  It was great!  Well, I got to go.  Be back in a couple of minutes.  In case I can't email for a while please please write me a letter. 

Hey, I am back.  We are doing good.  The furnace at our place broke, but we got it fixed.  But we had to wait a couple of days and it got kind of cold.  The coldest it got was freezing.  I had a good idea because I shut the door and our room got up to 47 degrees that morning when we woke up.  But we were out helping people all Sunday it was fun.   I got a letter from grandma.   I learned how to make gravy but I need meat and milk and oil - bacon grease works best.  Well,  send me a letter and or email me.  I got to go.  love elder esplin

October 25
All the boys were home because it was "Fall Break" which translated this year to deer hunt.  They all wanted to tell him about what they were doing. It is so funny I have to include all the emails.  It is a good thing they never read any blogs.  

Well, your brothers are out deer hunting right now.  We have the day off of school.  I have a job of laser engraving on an urn for Stacy Figgins today.  I hope I can do it by myself.  I am nervous.  Kaber was here for the weekend but he is at school and work today.  So far your brothers have had no luck with the hunting game.  The weather here has been rotten.  It has been raining for three days without stopping.  Everywhere is mucky mud and the deer are all holed up trying to keep dry.

I hope you got our box and letters.  I sure love you.  I will try to watch for you today.  perhaps we can be on at the same time.  I love you MOM

I haven't got a box yet since my year box but I did get a letter from you.  It is the picture one.  That is sad about McClain aspergers ...too bad.  I think it is good that they didn't diagnose it till he was grown up.  He graduated with it and that is proof enough that he can live with it.  He doesn't need a cop out.  I think he will be able to work through it. 

Well, we are having one of the 70s come through our mission,  Elder Gibbons. I am going to hear him talk Wednesday, this is the last time this will happen on my mission.  The first one was right when I came out and it only happens once a year.  I go to Fargo to hear Elder Gibson talk

Well, write me back tell the boys that the deer have to come out sometimes and it will probobly be in the morning since it is almost a full moon.

Hey Christopher How are you doing?  We have not got a deer yet but we will keep trying. School is out Monday and Tuesday so we will be out looking. It is so muddy I did not even  try to go up in the oaks. We started on Cedar Mt. and it snowed quit a bit then in the evening we whent out on the sand and just saw lot more hunters. Do you have any where you think we should hunt?
                                                                                                     Have a good week Love Dad

Try hunting Poverty and out there by the Quists.  Get up early.  I think an early hunt will be the way to go.

Hey are you there. Jacob and Logan got a shot this morning but they missed.

Yep, I am here.  How big was the deer they shot at.

One was a three point and another three point and Logan chased them for a while and there was a spike.

And what are they hunting with?  They should remember what grandpa told me when I went hunting.  That all I needed to do is ''put the center of the scope on what I want to shoot when I pull the trigger.'' Where were you at when he got the shoot and did you do any pre-season scouting? And remember if all else fails to go to the ranch. 

Hey!  This is Logan.   Well, it was pretty exciting hunting this morning.  We found a new road on Cedar Mountain and were driving along then we saw a little buck standing on the steep up side of road.  I think it was a barely split spike about 10 in tall.  So we jump out and I start to say shoot on three and Jacob shot before I could finish.  After we shot a big three point jumps out and they run around a little bend.  We chased them and I just see them going over the next ridge so we chase them and cant find them. I thought Jacob shot the little one then I yelled at Jacob and was mad.  So I went down a different way and scared them up again but couldn't shoot fast enough so I followed them down a steep canyon and up the other side and well chased them for about a mile and a half then took 3 miles getting back because I got lost.  We will go after the regular hunt is over.  The youth hunt is 10 days.   

That is pretty cool.  What were you shooting with?

I was using the 243. and J had the 270. but we both missed and Isaac was sitting in the car holding his new gun 243.

That is pretty cool I am going to buy a 270 or a 30.06 when I get home.  The gun I want right now is a Remington 7600.  It is a pump action rifle with a box magazine instead of a tube mag. so you can shoot pointy bullets.  I think it is really cool.  It is faster to shoot than a bolt action or lever action.  Logan will you look up this gun for me.  I really think it is a good gun, but that is just because the gunsmith in town said it was a good gun.  Tarus sells a gun that I think Logan would like more.  It is a reproduction of the Colt Lightning and they make it in 45 colt 357 mag and I think 44mag.  I think he would really like that gun.

What ever Logan said was a lie.  What happened was Dad saw some deer so me and Logan jumped out and I aimed right at the middle of the deer and pulled the trigger.  The bullet proof deer then ran away. Logan and I then chased them up the hill.  At this point Logan went totally crazy and stated yelling at everything and everyone. He was at the bottom of the hill yelling at me to get in the car.  At the same time Dad was yelling at me to track the deer.  In the end Logan chased the deer like a dog and I hiked up and down a couple of hills.

Jacob, remember that there are no bullet proof deer! It probably jumped or the bullet hit a twig and glanced off. And Logan is always yelling, but that is one of the things you are going to miss.  And you should be hunting with your 223 because the semi-auto gives a faster follow up shot and all you really need is bullet placement.  Try stalking up on the deer next time.  Unless they are moving or looking at you. 

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