Monday, November 22, 2010

November 2nd Emails

November 2
I sent him some pictures of the kids at Halloween.  We recycled some costumes and he noticed.  

That is realy cool.  The snow princess is the same picture that Rebekah had last Halloween, right.  Tell Logan to stick those antlers up in a tree and I will help him mount them when I get home.  I think they would look good with a
European mount because the antlers are so dark.  So I wrote you a letter and sent a box home.  I wonder if you got it.  We had Elder Gibbons of the 70 and his mom is a Heaton from Orderville.  So it is pretty good.  There are just some random photos.  I made a pumpkin that was a pirate.  It won first place in a tie with a pumpkin made with a pattern and it beat a bunch of pumpkins made with a pattern.  I was really happy.  We had a branch Halloween Party and had a bunch of people come.  love elder esplin

Christopher sent us a copy of the letter he sent to his president this week.  

Dear President,
How are you?  How was Haloween?  I had a lot of fun.  We had a branch mission party and a lot of investigators and less active people came.  My brothers went hunting this fall.  It is the second deer hunt I
missed because of my mission.   I will send you a picture, but I will also send a picture of what I harvested this fall.  I will  let you decide whose time is better spent.  This is a nine year old girl we baptized and it brought her whole family back to activity and the deer is kind of self explanatory.  Well, I got to go.   love elder esplin

Dear Elder Esplin;  
I think that you did better with your hunt than your brothers did.  The deer is no comparison to the harvest of souls.
 I cant believe that you have missed two hunts now, where does the time go?    The way I look at it, your brothers only got one deer but you not only were blessed to see a baptism but see a family come back into activity.  Your harvest will continue to reap blessings.  Thank you for all that you do, love Pres Layton

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