Monday, November 22, 2010

November 8th Emails

November 8th 
This is part of the email I sent to him.  

On Friday Isaac and Logan took their horses up to the elementary school and helped with an all school activity.  They rode the horses and showed off their skills with the horses and the whips.  Before that though, when Logan was getting the horses ready Buck tried to shoot past Logan and Logan reached out and grabbed his head and tried to stop him but Buck would not stop and stepped on Logan and Logan lost his balance and had to hang on tight and Buck tripped and tried to catch his balance by walking on Logan's long legs.  Long story short-Logan got stepped on and hurt.  The back on one leg has the skin ripped off in a four inch long patch and the other leg is bruised.  That will make running tomorrow a bit painful.  

We are all doing pretty good.  I sure love you.  I hope you have a great week.  Thanks for the letters.  I will try to get you more.  Raise your level of obedience and become proficient in the language of the Spirit.  Love you.  MOM

Thanks for telling me about the fireside.  I will try to raise my level of obedience.  As for the magazines, the boys can take them.  I really don't care.  It would be nice to have them when I get home but I would rather my brothers read and learned from them and then tried out what they said and found out what works and what doesn't.  Then I can learn from my brothers.  That is something Brother Labar here in Newtown keeps saying is that he can learn from everyone here.  And he is 61 years old and a very intelligent man.  I talked with President Layton today (we are having another trizone) and I have been having trouble waking up in the mornings.  He told me to think of it like I am hunting.  Because I sent him some pictures with my last email to him.  One of Logan with his deer and one of the baptism we had here last.  I told him to pick which "trophy" he liked best.  He said that the baptism was much better because it lasts forever.  Well I will send this and see if i can get an answer.   love elder esplin

Too bad about Logan's leg.  He should know better than to get stepped on.  The ponies did kinda the same thing.  I think it is Satan trying to make him miss basketball because he wants Kanab to win or Escalante.  If you want to put my knife somewhere safe I have that little cedar box in your closet.  A key to it is on Dad's key ring to his gun cabinet.  That should be a safe place but they can totally look at the magazines.   I sent them home because I couldn't keep them and I didn't want to throw them away.  We are having a Thanksgiving Party and the Elders are in charge of it in our branch.  We are going to have lama and buffalo and venison and elk and a mystery meat.  Well, I got to go.   love elder esplin

This is in response to Richard's email about getting wood and Logan gathering cows.  
I wish I could help people like Logan.  All we help do on the rez is help at commods (besides all the spiritual stuff, you know) and it would be nice to do some hard work again.  Do you remember when we broke the spring on your truck?  That was bad.  It kept making that strange noise when the spring would rub on the frame and we couldnt figure what it was.  Well, I hope you have a good week also.   love elder esplin

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