Monday, November 22, 2010

November 15 and 22nd

November 15
That sounds like fun.  There are a ton of vets here on the rez.  I had a great week this week.  We were tracking and I got the hiccups and all i wanted to do was go get a drink.  But we decided to finish half of the street then go back.  We had thought we knocked all of the doors in an apartment building and we were walking out the door to get in the car when we noticed a door.  We knocked on it and the man who answered the door wouldn't let us come in, but he had some chairs out in the breezeway so we sat outside and talked.  He was telling us that he was  catholic. Then he stopped talking for a while and me and my companion didn't say anything for a while.   then he said "what if I have done some things that I know I will be punished for?" and my companion started talking and I listened.  I felt that I needed to open my backpack and I did and told him I had something for him to read.  I had three different kinds of pamphlets in there and I grabbed all three.  One was about the restoration, one was about the plan of salvation and one was about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I sat holding all three and wondering which one I should give him. I chose the Gospel of Jesus Christ and so I gave it to him and opened a
copy that I had of my own and started looking through it, wondering why this one.  Then I saw a section entitled repentance and asked him to read it.  He read the wrong one.  He read about faith and it said that he needed faith to understand repentance and how it could help him.  Then I read to him the bit about repentance and when I got
done reading he was crying.  He said that that was the answer he needed and my companion said  that the more he understood about Jesus the more he would want to be baptized.   We are going to see him tomorrow.  Well,  have a goood week love elder esplin

November 22

That sounds pretty good.  Transfer calls where Saturday and I am staying in Newtown for another 6 weeks, at least.  I really love it here.  I think that I maybe could live here.  The lake is so cool and we got our first "real" snow also.  It averages out to about a foot and a half with drifts about 4 feet down to nearly bare patches.  We have some of the most amazing frost on out bedroom window.  It looks like-I can't really describe it, but the window is awesome.  I will send you some pictures.  

Remember the guy I told you about last week.  We thought we lost him 
because they said he moved to Minot, but last night we went and were seeing people and we were teaching about the plan of salvation and the guy that said Scotty moved came in to watch tv in the other room.  We asked if Scotty was back and he said he was.  So after the lesson we went to see Scotty.  He was way glad to see us but he still had an addiction problem.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and told him that if he would read a chapter every day he would be able to overcome his addiction.  Then we gave him a blessing and told him to overcome.  It was great!  The spirit was so strong.  We also had a Thanksgiving Party and the Elders quorum was in charge.  It was a wild game feed.  We had two mystery meats that where rabbit and lamb.  The rabbit was kind of dry but good.  After the meal we got so many
left overs I gained 7 or 8 pounds in 4 days.  Part of it is because Elder Dattilo got sick and we were stuck inside from Wednesday till Sunday.  We went out Sunday after church.  

P.S. Some of the pictures I took with my finger over the flash.  It turned them red and the pictures of the missionaries are:  Elders Cuttler, Cammron, van Meter, Kocherhans,and Batty. They are from Utah, Utah,  California, Utah and Vernal, Utah.  

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