Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why I Don't Update Every Week!

Nov. 29, 2010
I got my boots and as far as not freezing we just dress warm which reminds me do you have the long johns that I sent home?  I could really use those here. 

well it sounded like a lot has happened since I left.   What is all this about Elder? And as far a Jarren goes - it is probably just his friends - and did JD go on a mission what is going on with that?
This is seriously his entire email for the week.

The next week it was a great one.  He was so funny.  I write him huge long emails and Richard writes maybe a paragraph.  You can tell which make the most impact on him.  Richard said he and Logan were making a scabbard for Jacob's gun he got last year after Christopher left. 

First off - when did Jacob get a 44 mag. and I am just guessing that it is carbine.  What other guns have come into my family since I left?  I need a complete list of prices and manufacturers and stuff.  I would also appreciate it if you would not buy any more guns till I got home.  (Mom that one is for you) besides you need to be saving for your missions and Kab needs to be saving for a wedding or something. I still expect a sister in law when I get home and if she is married to anyone younger than me I will break his arm.  

I am still planing on being a cop but that is so I can write about guns and people will believe me better.  It will provide plenty of retirement and everything.

We had a good week this last week.   The week before was, numbers wise, one 
of the best weeks of my mission.   We had the best numbers in the whole zone.  We taught about 30 lessons and ten of them where with members present and those convert into the most baptisms.  The crazy thing is we didn't try that hard, things just happened.  But this week nothing was going right so we decided that we would have to try extra hard and we got around 23 or 24 and 17 where others and as Kaber can tell you those are just lessons missionaries get when they are tracting or trying old investigators.  I just wanted to tell you that this week was one where I worked hard and the numbers back it up because sometimes you work hard and the numbers arent there.  Sometimes you dont do anything and the numbers just fall into your lap.  It is rare, for me anyway, to have a bunch of numbers that I worked for because, like I said, most of the time it seems the harder you work the less numbers you get.

We had a good week.  We went out to Mandaree and an old Mandan Indian showed us a beautiful look off.  I took pictures.  The hill is called Heart Butte. I guess all the hills on reservations are called buttes and it is shaped like a heart - like a real one - not a cartoon one.  I think I could live here.  This bit of land here if you go south, east or north you will hit water within 30 or 40 miles and there are natural springs.  They run in the spring and summer but they dry in the fall and freeze in the winter.  (Here is a website about the Indians of New Town.)Three Affiliated Tribes

Also this week I got my hair cut by Elder Garrard.  Him and his comp are serving in Wiliston.  If you know anyone that needs work, just send them up here.  There is plenty of work to go around.  They just need a camper or  something because there are no rooms available and a tent won't work.

Well, I got to go.  Love, elder esplin

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  1. What a guy! For the shortest email, I always figured that Esplins wrote the book of Omni--Christopher fits that description sometimes!