Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas Emails

It was so great talking to Christopher on the phone on Christmas.  He is doing really good.  He has been in New Town longer than any area in his mission so far.  He and Elder Dattilo work great together and get along really good.  Christopher, however, is ready for a transfer.  He said the people there need a change.  Just before Christmas every appointment fell through and their president told them not to go visit people at this time if they did not have an appointment.  So from Dec. 22 to Christmas they did not leave their apartment.  They decide to have a beard growing contest.  Christopher said he won.  They did have an invitation to have Christmas dinner with a family out at White Earth.  It is about 50 miles away from New Town.  Christopher called at about 5:30 in the morning but our phones were off the hook so he finally dug out his letters and called Kaber's cell phone.  We got to talk to him from about 6 to just before 9. Then his companion got to call home but he could not get anyone so Christopher called us back and we were down at Grandma's so he got to talk to her for a little while. We talked then for about 45 minutes then his companion's family was calling so he hung up fast.  Then later in the afternoon we talked again for a while.  All in all we spent most of the day on the phone with Christopher.  All his brothers spent time talking to him and Richard and I got to talk all we wanted.  It was the best Christmas present of the day.

Here are his last two emails.  He sent in December.
December 13
Well, that sounds like you had a good week.  I also had a good week we had an apartment check on Wednesday and Thursday we went to the temple and had a Christmas trizone.  It was great!  I got to do baptisms for the dead
and an endowment session.  Before I went I prayed to know if the people on the other side were accepting the work and while I was sitting in the celestial room I knew they did.  After baptisms the temple president talked to us and said we were acting as companions to the missionaries on the other side and I figured that Grandpa could have been teaching the people I was doing the work for.  It was really cool.  

As I was sitting in the temple the thought entered into my head that it wouldnt be too hard to just shave for the rest of my life and not have to worried about growing a beard or anything, and now I am sad because the Holy Ghost confirmed a truth I didn't want to live.  But I guess I will have to now.  (I am not really sad.)  Well the mission is going great.  I got a box from Nola Harris. I think it is the ward box.  It is kind of sad though because Elder Dattilo hasn't gotten a box for Christmas.  The boxes are all for me, but he gets all the letters so I don't feel too bad for him.  

There is a girl here that reminds me of Logan.  I don't know if I told you that, but there is one.  And if Kaber wants a job, I can hook him up.  There are so many jobs here, and I know a family he could maybe split the rent with.  So email me back.  Love, elder esplin

This is the Christmas Trizone picture.  To see me find the tallest elder and go right 2.

December 20
Hi, how are you all?  I am doing great here.  It is snowing and blowing again here.  It cant snow straight down.  It has to blow in from the west or east.  It seems like it never really snows in North Dakota - just in Montana or Minnesota and then it blows in.   My area is doing ok, but the people that we thought would be great are just not doing anything and we cant go see them to much because they live 50 miles away, and we have only got 1000 miles a month.  So we just keep going and doing the best we can.  

Kaber told me a little story so I will tell you one.  We went to White Earth and there was no one to let us teach yet, so we went to a barn that some members own.  They have some burros and we petted them.  Then, they had a bunch of little ponies, and Elder Dattilo tried to catch one.  It was pretty funny because he was scared of it when it started to run.  That is my story.  It was very fun.

I will probably get transfered on New Years.  

I cant wait to talk to you on Christmas.  I will call at about 5 your time or so.  I sent a box home.  I hope you all enjoy your presents.  I haven't gotten my box yet, but I think I will.  They told me at the post office that if I send it by Tuesday you will get it in time for Christmas.  And another thing, there will be a lunar eclipse tonight.  I hope you all have a great Christmas.  Love, elder esplin

ps my number is 701 667 ####  if you want to call me on Christmas, feel free to do so.

 We never did call him because he was always calling us as soon as him companion got off the phone. I didn't think I should put his number just out there in cyber space.  I am having a hard time not calling him now that I know his number.   It is a good thing he is getting transfered and the phone stays in New Town.  It was so wonderful to talk to him.  Next Christmas I just might have my whole family home because Jacob does not turn 19 until January 5.  I love having missionaries but I certainly miss them when they are out.

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