Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brandon, South Dakota!

Here are Christopher's latest emails.  His transfer was a long one.  He emailed as soon as he got there. He is pretty funny.  I guess I will know more about his companion and stuff next week.  

Hi, how are you all.  I am doing good.  I got transfered to Brandon, South Dakota.  I have only been here 12 or so hours.  I asked Elder Dattilo to email you my address but if he didn't, here it is.  
Elder Christopher Esplin
1109 Teakwood #4
So, I sent you a bunch of clothes on Monday, when I got transfered.  I hope you guys fit the Wranglers should fit Jacob and the rest will fit Kab or Ike, because apparently he is as big as me now.  The suit I bought at a thrift store and it was a little small so I sent it home.  The magazines were from that same lady.  I think that her son bought them and she got mad at him and gave them to me or something.  Anyway,  he ended up in jail.  I sent a bunch of watches also.  I think 5 and I think I mentioned them in my letter.  But there is a George watch and a Dakota Steel that I don't want ruined by the time I get home.  I really like them.  The George I got from mom and dad in like tenth grade and the Dakota watch I got from a family in Winner.  Now my brothers can wear them but they can't ruin them and if they do they will have to replace them.  The rest of the stuff you can share and I just didnt have room for it.  Well I will send this out and see if I can get a response.  Love Elder Esplin

I forgot to mention that for transfers I took a bus.  I took one to Fargo with Elder Horrocks.  And then from Fargo I took one by myself from Fargo to Sioux Falls.  It was crazy!  I didn't have a companion for 5 hours!  I didnt know what to do with myself so I just read the Book of Mormon.  Then I got to Second Nephi and I went to sleep but that was about as exciting as it gets. My new stake president is named Pres. Steel and that is apparently Russian for Stalin (This is him saying that his stake President is mean.  It took me a minute to figure this out.)and he doesn't want any missionaries eating with members.  I am sure he has his reasons and I don't intend to go against him.  But if a member wants to feed me, I won't say no.  But President Layton is talking with him about it so what I am trying to say is dont get into a huff and write a letter to the first presidency or anything.  Well, I don't have much else to say.   Love Elder Esplin

PS The snow here is crazy deep and I need you to send me a letter so I can have proof of address.  And dad good luck with your foot.  I know that it will probably hurt but I know you are tuff and will make it. Love Elder Esplin

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