Monday, January 10, 2011

Brandon, South Dakota! Again

Christopher seems to be settling in to Brandon, SD, pretty good.  He sounds like he likes it there.  
Well,  first things first.  I  hope dad feels good about the surgery.  I really like it here in Brandon.  I went to church Sunday and that night I had dinner with the branch president and it was great.  His daughter is like 11 or something.  She initiated me into the missionary  ninja society.  She gave me the power of ESP of all things and it was super funny.  When she was doing the test she pointed a plastic gun at me to see what my reaction was.  I just sat there and she said I failed at that part of the test because I didnt throw my hands in the air and run off.  Then when she was gone her mom said that was amazing because no one had defied her like that before.  I think I will like it here.  I met the senior couple here in Sioux Falls and they are great.  They fed us taco  soup and it was pretty good.  I also ate at Famous Dave's and that was reeeeeeal good.  As for the knife I think I sent 2 and I got it on my six month mark instead of burning something and I like it.  So I hit my 16 month mark yesterday and we were at a member's place and they asked me how long I was out.  I looked at my watch because it usually buys me more time and they just laughed and said I was counting down the hours and days and stuff.  It was funny.  That same member showed me a music video called Provo BYU Girls.  It is a parody of someone who sang a song about California girls or something.  It was great well.  I got to go.  Love Elder Esplin (mom this is as long as I could make it)

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