Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christopher's Latest

Christopher is doing great in Brandon, SD.  It was -13 there this morning. It is so cold on his mission everywhere he goes.  His letters always make me laugh because he is still Christopher. His address again in case anyone wants to write to him.  

Elder Christopher Esplin
1109 Teakwood #4

I am doing good.  My companion is a pretty funny guy.  We are so different.  He grew up in Clovis, CA.  It is like a rich suburb of Fresno.  He claims that he wasn't a rich kid but I was talking to him and he said that he never had a job.  A real one anyway, with a steady income.   I thought it was kind of strange, but, oh well.  

You said Kab got a 2 inch 357 mag.  Tell him that I don't think it is a good concealed carry gun.  I was talking with
a guy about the invention of the 357 mag.  He said it was made to take the place of the rifle in a cop car with a pistol that had a 6 to 10 inch barrel.  That it is such a good gun if it has a long barrel, but the performance in a short barrel gun isn't that much better than a 38.  To be worth the noise and kick I think a good concealed carry gun would be a 38 or, I hate to say it a 9 mill or 380, especially for the warmer climate.  Unless he wants a 4 or more inch barrel he should stick with guns designed for short barrel concealed carry shooting, or get a derringer and load it with 410s.  

If you cant tell I really miss guns.  I miss handling them and taking them apart and different things.  But more than I miss that, I miss you guys - and that is saying something.

I found out the other day that I have restless hands syndrome,  because every time I have something in my hand I have to play with it.  And when I don't have anything to play with I find something.  It is crazy.  A member actually called me out on it when we were eating dinner with her.  She gave us a soda and I had to play with it and she said every time we eat there she notices that I play with my pop can.  It was kind of funny.

Well, I got to go.  Love Elder Esplin

ps you shouldn't have sold the truck to Kelin.  He needs to pay for his mission.  And what happened to his Jeep anyway.  

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