Monday, January 31, 2011

Challenges in Brandon, SD

It is kinda funny that you didn't email me last week because I didn't check because my companion is a bum.  He bought an ipod touch and the internet for a month and I really didn't know what to do.  He would sleep until after 1 and then he would just play on the internet all day, while I just sat there.  I thought long and hard about what to do about it.  I did not know, but I didnt want to tell the mission president about it, because 2 other missionaries in this district also had them and the district leader also knew.  I just guess I didnt want to rock the boat and have them all hate me.  It was really difficult because I couldn't even lose myself in the work.  So, after some gentle prompting, my companion decided to call the mission president.  The day he decided to call he got so nervous he was sick and wanted to put it off till Monday, today.  But I told him that if he didnt call, I would because he had been apostate for long enough.  I figured I was just being patient, but I was just a chicken.  But then he called and president asked why he was on his mission.  President said he had been thinking for months about sending him home because he just isn't a hard worker and had a lot of medical problems.  I guess that has been my month so far.  It wasn't really that great and my companion might get sent home.  

But other than that, it was pretty good.  The other day I met the reason that I came to Brandon, I think.  There is a less active guy that is from Utah.  He is a cop here in Brandon and he loves to hunt.  I think he might be the reason I came here.  Also, I think it is because of my ability to get along with people and I think my companion needed it.  It seems I can get along with people, unless they are my brothers.  Funny how I can do that.  Well, all the things that you are doing sound good.  How is Kab doing on the wife thing.  JK.  Can you give me Kelin and Kobs addresses or tell them to email me.  

The stake president talked in branch conference yesterday and said there are 52,000 missionaries out.  If every unit of the church would send out another missonary the number would jump to 80,000 missionaries.  This is what the prophet has asked us to do in the last to Ensign and in the opening address of general conference.  So what is the Esplin family doing about it?

love Elder Esplin

Then Richard told him about our goal to read the Book of Mormon by June 27.

You should get the Cds.  There are 26 of them and if you listen to one a day you can do it in under a month.  That is what I am doing.  We have to be done by February 26 and we started in December.  I started listening to the
Cd's on the 7th or eighth and I just finished Alma today.  Remember, the Gospel is a more effective teacher than even the sword.  I will send this so you can reply.   love elder esplin

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