Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Better News

Christopher was having a very hard time in Brandon with his companion.  I did not want to post until I had better news and it was better his week.  He is doing his best in a hard situation.  I am just glad he is sticking it out.  Serving a mission must be one of the hardest things you ever do.  
First this was a week ago. We told him we finally had a good check up on Richard's foot.  
February 7th 
My week is getting better and I think we will get a new district leader.  My comp and one of the other missonaries sent their ipods home and got things worked out.  The worst part is that we just dont go outside and work.  I feel like I am just dying.   want my comp to get transfered or decide that not going out is a bad idea. What I did with my last comp is get dressed and then walk in and be wearing my proselyting clothes and he would feel bad and get up and going.  It is the equivalent of me standing by the door and waging my tail with a leash in my mouth.  But my new comp doesnt get it.  He just lays there.  It is so frustrating.  I ask him if there is anyone he wants to go see and  he hum-haws around until half the day has gone by and we dont do anything.  Then he cooks and I just dont know what to do.  But maybe this is how Dad feels when he cant go out because he has a bad foot.  I have a bad comp and I need to get mine "healing" also. 

Well, that is how I feel.  I would like to talk about guns with you all but I just don't know much right now.  I guess Jacob got a 44 mag.  Is it a Rossi or Marlin or what?   And do you think I should get a 357 mag or a 44 mag.  I kind of think a 357 because in a rifle or carbine it will be good enough for deer hunting.  But so will a 44mag.  Or maybe I should just use Jacob's gun and Kaber's gun when I get home and see which one I like. (I usually fix his spelling and things before posting on the blog, but I have no idea what he is talking about here so I just let it go.)  As far as Kaber getting a ccw I think,  for me I will just get some crimson trase grips for my 1911 and a iwb holster and de santis makes one I really like as does galco and crossbreed holsters makes a realy cool one called the king tuck but that is what I want.  I trust the 45 acp bullet to be a real stopper especially with a crimson trase grip or that NEW TRIGGER GUARD  laser they have.  Well, I  am out of stuff to talk about got to go love elder esplin.
Then he wrote several more one liners that I am not going to put on here.  He was on the computers for a long time and it made me worried about him.  

Then this was this week.  
Thanks, I have actually been doing better about the whole thing.  My comp and I actually got some pretty good numbers this week.  And thanks for encouraging me to be more obedient.  I was reading in my p. blessing yesterday and it said that if I was humble and obedient, I would be able to teach people.  It was really good to have you guys also encourage me to be more obedient.  I am now making a bigger resolve to be even more obedient.  It reminds me of what my branch president told me in the mtc.  When people climb 2k they tie 2 people together and they have to cross this really narrow saddle and they have the possibility of falling off either side, to their death.  And when one person falls off one side the person that he is tied to has to jump off the other side.  So I think that, as bad as we were last month, we will have to jump off the other side this month.   We will have to be obedient and work hard.  I was also thinking about jobs.  I might try to be a wildlife biologist or a game warden.  But I think I would like being a wildlife biologist but I will need to do more research on it first.  Well, I got to go.  I will maybe get another email out.  
He next and final email.
I talked to a guy the other day and he had the coolest watch ever.  It was the Casio Pathfinder Paw 5000 and it was a solar powder atomic radio. It kept the time right and it had a compass, barometer, altimeter, and all
kinds of stuff.  I think it was really cool.
I feel so much better about his state of mind after reading this email.  I think he will be fine and I guess I don't need to call the mission president. 

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