Saturday, March 5, 2011

News From Christopher

February 22
Christopher had some really good insight.  I have thought about it often since he sent this.

ofda! That sounds pretty intense(I was just telling him the news around Orderville.) but it is Angus's email just made me feel bad.  If we get a baptism each month is is a rare thing but it usually averages out to one a month.  

As for the weddings and stuff - that kind of thing happens but it is much better out there, in Orderville,  than it is here. We have a less active family whose 13 year old son has gotten at least one girl pregnant and maybe another.  But that is the way things are.
But Hear This Warning
If you just stay one notch above the world - one rung higher on the ladder - as the world goes down, if you don't increase the gap, you will also go down.  It is like the world and the church and each individual is on a escalator,
and it is going down.  The world doesn't seem to care, but the church is a little higher on the escalator and we were each born a little higher still.  But, if we do not climb up the escalator faster than it goes down, then we will still go down.  If the members of the church in the Book of Mormon stayed one commandment above the rest of the Nephites, then, by the end, they would have no problem killing and stealing because the rest were doing much worse than that.  I just finished the book of Mormon yesterday and it kinda freaked me out how wicked the people had gotten.  It is a good thing that their ancestors got a promise from the Lord to not just destroy them completely.  The Jaredites where destroyed and they didn't seem half as bad as the Lamanites that lived.  But, to be honest, the it is all because of the conspiracies and secret oaths and things of that nature.  Be sure to avoid those.  If there is one thing that will ruin America, it is this.
Well, I got to go.  Love Elder Esplin

February 28th
This was a crazy week for us and I was telling Christopher about it.  Our water heater broke and we had to replace it. Logan got a date for the Jr. Prom and is texting her and sending pictures.  She is a girl from Kanab that he doesn't know.  I have been trying to get Jacob to ask out a date but with no luck.  Those are some of the things I talked about when I wrote to him.  

That sounds like fun with the water heater and everything.  The furnace went out in my last area when they where gone to zone conference and when they got back the toilet bowls and everything was frozen.  I know why. 

When I left the area we were getting around 30 lessons a week and had some people getting close to baptism then  I left and they got baptized.  Then my old comp left and then they killed the area.  Last week they reported 7 lessons so I think God is punishing them.  But that is just the way it goes sometimes.  My interview went great and I feel a lot better now.  

That is funny about Logan sending pictures and texting.  I thought Jacob was starting to do that thing more also,   but I guess it was just a ploy to throw us of his back.  But whatever!  When he goes on his mission he will wish he had dated more, because I sure do.

I will send this and hope for a reply. love elder esplin

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