Monday, March 28, 2011

The First Three Weeks of March

I have been terrible at keeping up.  Christopher did not get long emails from me and he complained about it.  I forgot to email until I was at school but then I remembered and I sent him a short one.  Isaac was home from school sick so he emailed Chris.

March 7
That pup sounds like fun.  I hope you treat him good.  Maybe an older dog is what we should always get.  I dont know.  I really like that name.  I hope he likes me when get home.
We had a great stake conference yesterday.  It was a general broadcast from SLC and it had H. David Burton, President Eyring and Mary N. Cook and Quienten L. Cook, who aren't related.
It was a good meeting.  Burton talked about when he lived in Salt Lake shortly after being married and how he saw Joseph Fielding Smith go to the same grocery store as he did, and it was way across town.  His wife made him ask President Smith why he came clear across town to go to this grocery store and he said "it is because they keep the Sabbath son."  I thought that was pretty cool.  It definitely seems like reason enough to me if it is reason enough for the prophet.  
Any way, that was my week.  How was yours?
I sent you a letter and I did get the box with the parched corn.  It was great.  My comp loves parched corn.  Well, I will send this out.  Have a good week, love elder esplin
 I have about a half hour left.  If you want to email me back.  It is ten twenty one.

The snow is all different depths in the drifts it is still up to 3 or 4 feet in other spots it is only inches deep.  It is snowing right now though and somone said we could expect 2 or so inches, but it is all good the thing. I dont like is the ice.  

March 8
President Layton told me to email him today, and I am waiting for an email from him.  I got bored, so instead of looking at guns. (I heard about a new shot gun from Keltech from my branch president) I decided to email you instead so that I will not be tempted to break any other rules.  

I remembered that I hadn't told you that president had oked animated movies for us to watch.  He was going to say Disney but his wife said no to Pirates, so it is animated movies.  Are there any that you all think I should see.    Write and tell me.  

Love Elder Esplin

March 14

Did you put me in for the deer hunt draw this year?  Yes we did put him in-along with all the boys.  I sent him a copy of Angus's email.    
That is sure a good email.  I dont think I want to extend because if I do it will be into October and there could be a foot and a half of snow here.   Why doesnt anyone email me.  I sent a letter to you guys.  Well, more to Logan,  Kaber and Jacob with some pictures I drew for their birthdays.  Well email me back.  Love Elder Esplin

Why didn't mom send a bigol' email  this week.   Doesn't she love me.  You guys should create profiles on so I can know what is up and going on, because we are to look at 2 times out of the week not on pday.  Well I got to go. 

I just thought of something.  By the time Zachary gets home from his mission we are going to have a lot of people who know all of the boys in our family only as Esplin.  It could get confusing.

March 21
That is sad about Jan, but since we are Mormons funerals dont have to be that sad.  We are doing good.  The weather has been great the last couple of days and we have been getting around a lot better.  Being outside in the winter is just dumb unless you are hunting.  I sent you guys a letter the other day (last week) so tell me if you got it.  We have transfer calls this Saturday but it could go either way with my comp.   He has been with me for 2 transfers but he has only been in the area for three and we "usually"stay for four.   So it could go either way.  If he stays I could be in this area till the end of my mission.  I think I would like that because the people are great here. There are a lot of hunters here so we get along great, until they tell me about how long the season is here and how many deer you can kill and the pheasants are ridiculous.  It makes me want to shoot pheasant so bad my teeth hurt because they are just everywhere.  I want to come back to this area if only to go hunting.  I wonder how much an out of state licence is.  Well that is how I am doing.  That girl from Casper she sounds like fun.  I dont know if I told you, but I am planning a horse ride from Casper to Vernal.  I got the map and everything and had a member in Casper draw me a route.  I was thinking that me and my brothers and maybe Angus, Clan and Wig and  probably Jesse and now that Cox girl and maybe some other people.  But I think I want to keep it about ten to 12 people and I think it would be more appropriate to have more than one girl.  We will go in the spring so that we wont have to worry about water.  I think one pack horse for every two people and 2 extra pack horses for food and stuff.   Doesnt that sound like fun.  Well I've got to go.  I will probably email again around 5.  

It is good that your foot is getting better.  When do you think you will be clear healed up and stuff.
Richard told Christopher about KaeCie and her boyfriend coming to our house and ride horses. The horse KaeCie's friend took off running with him and Logan had to chase him on Dulcie and grab the reins.   
It is also good that you guys didn't break KaeCie's friend because that would have been bad.  Is Dulcie the fastest horse.  I remember that Chip was faster than the rest, but that was before Dulcie came to our house.

Love Elder Esplin

I wrote him again at 5:00 and thought it may be too much.  He reassured me.  Also Richard asked him how he was going to finance his horse adventure he is planning.  

Mom I dont think I can get sick of hearing from you (while I am on my mission).  As far as Jacob not going to the prom - take his gun away till he graduates.  Did he know that this girl really liked him to take her ,because he might not know.  Even if it is really obvious to mom and other girls it probably went way over his head.  How old is she and do they hang out, and does she like to write to missonaries?  I swear I just cant get a girl to write back to me.  I have written like ten different girls and none of them write back.  I guess this is what I get for waiting till my mission to decide I want to talk to girls. 
A member made me listen to a song in his car.  I was on exchanges and he had the country station on, and I "forgot" to ask him to turn it off.  I heard these two songs.  One is "If Heaven Wasnt So Far Away" and the other is"Homeboy".  I am guessing at the titles.  I don't know if those are the real names.  Like I said we were just in a members car.  Well I will get this out.  Write me back.
Love Elder Esplin

I will be having a fund raiser in North Dakota from the time I get home till I get tired of working there.  Anyone that wants to go will have to pay their own share.  I will calculate how where and how much.  But I need to know the who first.  You didn't answer the question of how old this girl is and if she likes writing missionaries cause if she likes Jacob I might have a chance. 
As for missionary work here in Brandon, it is mostly tracting.  The missionaries before me didnt teach much and when Burnett had his ipod we didnt go out much.  We have a lot of larc's with less actives.  Did I tell you about the push up lesson.  I think I did but the only way we are going to teach the people around here is if we get referrals from the members.  Elder Burnett and I are working on getting our top investigator baptized. So it will kick start the branch in missionary work.  Then things will take off.  Well, got to go.  Love Elder Esplin

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