Monday, March 28, 2011

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March 23

My comp is emailing president today because he needs to talk to him about medical stuff.  I am sitting here in a library that is full of books I cant read and after an half hour I got so I couldnt stand it.  So I am writing you to tell you that you I sent a box full of magazines and stuff. It is all good.   I explained everything in the accompanying letter.  If the box gets there before next Monday you need to email me and say you got it.  Also is there a name to the girl that Jacob likes.  You need to tell grandma hi and I love her, but I always forget to write her and that is it.  I got to go love. Elder Esplin

March 28

I will get to see Mt. Rushmore at the end of my mission.  I got some news.  My comp just got the call to go to Rapid City and be an office elder.  It will be good for him.  He has some health stuff.  He got the call on Saturday and I am getting a new comp, Elder Davis. He sounds like a fun kid and everything should be great.  We just moved a family here in town to out of town and they want to have a BBQ and go shooting.  I really wish the white handbook didn't have pages 21 and 22.  Then I would have the very best mission in the universe.  Right now it is just the best in the world.  Well, I am super excited about General Conference except that we forgot to bring our dinner calender to church so we will go 2 weeks without dinner appointments.  It will be cool, though, this is the last general conference of my mission.  I think I will try something my comp has suggested and write down three or so questions about life and the Gospel and stuff and see if they talk about them in general conference.  One of mine will be "is a job as a deputy or law enforcement the right one for me" another one might be something else that I cant think of right now.  I want you all to write three questions that you would like answered and then after conference have a family home evening  and see just see if they didnt get answered.  I will do the same then you all have to send me yours and I will send you mine.  It will be great.  I guarantee if you do this, you will get more from conference and your lives will be easier.  Well I got to send this off to see if i can get a reply.  I will be on till noon.  I will be done then.  
Love Elder Esplin

Hi, How are you.  You haven't replied yet so I am sending you another.  I want some more music and cds and pictures.  Easter is on its way.  This will be the third Easter I have missed in a row.  Are you going to Danos or the Dunes.  I was reading some of my old emails and I sounded kinda harsh when you all went to Danos.  I know he is just trying to make it easier for everyone and trying to help.  I guess it is easier on Grandma and you guys probably had a lot of fun at Danos.  When I get home I will probably go there because I will already be in St. George and riding a bike from Saint G to Orderville wont be very fun.  But then I might be working the oilfield up in New Town the more I think about it.  The more I think that is what I will do and if I do that I will get my pilots licence and buy a Sesna or little plane and fly home and to work.  That would be fun but ridiculous. What I would like to do is buy grandpa's truck from uncle Tim and drive that.  That would be way cool.  I think it is a 2 weel drive and it is so old so insurance would be cheap.  It would be really neat to have that old truck. But I still want a motorcycle.  Maybe that would be good also, especially if i stay down there in southern Utah.  
Well I will send this now and hope you get to it before I am done.

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