Thursday, April 28, 2011

Getting Ready for Mother's Day

I cant believe that I get to talk to Christopher in only two weeks.  I am so excited.  He will be home in September.  I can't believe it is has been about 20 months since he left.   Before he calls I want to get all caught up on his emails.  He is so funny and he loves missionary work.  He has been a great missionary.   The first emails we asked him about  how he liked conference.  I told him Kaber felt like he "had been beat with the 'get married now' stick."

April 4th 
Yes it was great.  Tell Rebekah happy birthday and everything.  I too feel like I have been beat with a stick.  It was the "don't worry about it stick" (I do think I will just go to school because I don't really want to find a wife in the oilfields of North Dakota.)  I am on my mission so I cant get married so I don't think the stick that hit Kab can reach me.  I am too far away.  It was kinda strange knowing I would never see another General Conference as a missionary.  It is just strange.  Mother's Day will be the last call home of my mission.  I am kinda freakin' out. I guess I thought my mission would never end, but in five days I have five months left.  That is only 4 Fast Sundays! 4!  Isn't that crazy?  Well, I will send this and see if you can reply.   Love Elder Esplin

Hey dad!  Did you get the answer you needed? (from General Conference) I got mine.  Although it came in a different way than I thought it would.  The answer was not get an education or get a job in the oil fields.  It was get married and start a family.  Isn't that so weird that I could have a kid within two years or less and Kaber would have one, too!   I really liked that talk in the Sunday afternoon session.  It made me think of what I want to be and the number one answer is a dad like you.  That is what I want most to be and to do that I need to get married and I think the best way to do that is to go to school.  I think that is the answer to my question.  Well, I've got to go.  Love Elder Esplin

April 11th
First off, I really need my line of authority from Dad.  Second, that sounds horrible for Logan (Logan had to have a root canal.)  I know how three hours of dentist work feels.  It is not fun.  Was that before or after their dates?  That is pretty cool that Jacob went on a date.  I didn't think he had it in him.  I hope they had fun. 
Did you guys get the box I sent to you with all the stuff I got from that kid's house.  I tore some of my pants the other day.  So  I am sending you the pictures for you to send to missionary mall and a picture of my new companion. (The pictures were terribly out of focus.)  He is great.  I think I already told you about him.  But he is from Las Vegas and he is a hard worker.

April 18th
That sounds like fun.  I want to do a lot of hiking when I get home, so look up on Google Earth and see if you can find a couple of good trails.  We were tracting the other day and I found a Vulcan Motorcycle for $4900.  I think that is a good deal.  I wanted to talk to the guy about it, but he wasn't home, so I guess I will try later.  It was a 07 so I think there might be something wrong with it.  What do you think of Kaber's plan to buy a house in Saint George.  I like it, but mostly because I could live with him while going to school.  I wonder if he has one picked out.  Well, I will send this and see if you can email back.  Love Elder Esplin
Hi, how are you doing? I am doing good.  I got your box and it was great.  I got the letter from Tara and she sounds fun.  I dont know what she looks like, though.  I am having a good week.  The members here are a lot nicer.  I think they did not like Elder Burnett so much.  But he is gone and my new companion is great.  He is a real hard worker.  It is funny.  I think I am on presidents "clean up crew" because he sends me into the dead areas with a crappy companion and then he gives me a great companion because it is easy for me to love people.  He knows that I dont believe that there are any "dead" areas and the truth is there are no bad areas just bad missionaries.   Because that is how it has been in my last 3 areas, Winner, Newtown and now Brandon.  I think it is great because I know at least half of my companions will be great and they are.  But I love all of my companions.   It is just that some were less than hard workers, but that is how it is.  And I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I  just love being a missionary.  Especially when I get letters because that is the best.  I want you to keep the airgun in Orderville because there is less chance of it being misused there because there is just less to misuse it on.  Remember that it was a gun not much more powerful than that that killed president Lincoln.  So be careful with it.  Well, I will send this in case you want to reply.
Love Elder Esplin

P.S. Name the dog Chester or something.  Give him a normal name.  Well, I got to go now.  Have a good week. Thanks for the box.  love elder esplin

Christopher emailed a day late this week.  I don't know why. 

April 25th 
Mom, how are you?  Thanks for all you have done for me.  I am doing great and I had a good Easter.  It is crazy to think it is almost May.   I will call you on the 8th.  Then I will have been out 20 months.  If it has gone by as fast for you, as it has for me it is ridiculous, is it not?  Thanks for being such a good mom.  There is a lady that we visit and she is not that great of a mom.  You know how in Newtown I was thinking about working in social services.  I told her about that and she asked if I would take her kids away.   When I first met her the answer was no but now I think I would take her kids away.  Her son has started smoking and he is only 14 and he has gotten two girls pregnant.  He is just ridiculous because he has no consequences.  He got mad and cussed her out and went in his room and was smoking.   I said take his TV and she said it was easier to just let him do it instead of having him throw a tantrum.  I thought back to all the times i freaked out and threw a tantrum and how hard it must have been for you and dad to take all of it and keep hoping that i would turn out right.  So I just want to thank you for not letting me have my way.  Thank you love elder esplin

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